Taken 3 Best Game ever

I  play this game from school time a lot and now after a long time I used to play on mobile and pc.

But be!live me I enjoy as I played first time. I trying to make a graphic of  game machine.

Thanking You

Poultry phinix

My best game player

My view of Designing

Designing is not an Duty , it’s a inner emotions of a person which make all arts and design different all time. I m confused and angry when people say that “make it like that one or those one” they realy don’t know what they want and putting his thoughts on designer but we have to focus on our work make 1 design as they want and other 1 with our style.
I thing when I make a design I m going to dream of thins how product beginning birth and how many logo or sign symbol attached with it specially in nature.👍